We've been writing and mixing music for 15+ years. For that purpose, we use our small bedroom studio located in Oceanside, CA.

We currently run the latest version of Ableton Live for recording and mixing, and are proficient in:  Protools, Nuendo, Reason and Soundforge.  We are also proficient in quite a number of plug-ins, including Izotope RX for sound cleanup and repair.

We're mainly geared for Vocal and/or single instrument recording and have a 4' x 4' insulated sound booth.

We've also do Sound Design and Audio Books... the latest being "Shifter" and "Anomaly" both of which can be found at www.experienceanomaly.com


E-Mu 1616m AD/DA (modified DA)

Sonodyne SM-200U monitors

DDA S-series 24 channel console (Summing and Output modified to API style)

Ampex 440B Tape Machine

Custom U-47 x2 

Custom KM84

Oktava 319 (modified)

Shure SM58

Hamptone HVTP2 Tube Preamp




SSL 4000 Compressor

ADR 760 Compex

PRR Vari-Mu Compressor

Trident S80 EQ

Fender Deluxe Strat, Taylor 410, Hamer Sunburst, Hamer Slammer Bass, Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall 1976 clone, Fender Princeton Clone as well as various FX pedals